Changelog for gdevelop-170101.exe

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Date and Time Description Author Commit
2016-12-31 18:11Merge pull request #331 from 4ian/optimization/objects-list-copy Various optimizations (events generated code and game engine)Florian Rival3d89bd50
2016-12-31 17:22Micro optimization for gdjs.evtTools.common.toStringFlorian Rival54c94f62
2016-12-31 17:21Optimization to avoid constructing objects maps for events at runtimeFlorian Rivalb9d71b0d
2016-12-30 16:42Avoid unnecessary copy or declarations of objects lists * Declare objects lists used by actions only when actions are launched for standard events (both GDCpp and GDJS) * Enable the object list reuse optimisation in GDCpp as done in GDJS.Florian Rivale5631383
2016-12-29 23:44Don't animate sprites if outside of the screen in GDJS * This leads to important performance boost in games with large maps/levels * Backward compatibility is preserved for existing games, but any new object created is using this optimization by default.Florian Rival8dc3bd38
2016-12-28 19:33Update gdjs.RuntimeScene._updateObjects to apply forces as done in GDC++ Could potentially change slightly the behavior of some game but it's now consistent between GDJS and GDCpp. This also avoid an extra iteration on all instances in GDJS.Florian Rivalcdc3e3ed
2016-12-28 00:35Replace HSHG in platformruntimebehavior.js by RBush TODO: Check if RBush create/destroy a lot of temporary JS objects and arrays and try to reduce this.Florian Rival5281cd54
2016-12-26 00:48Small optimisations for rendering of gdjs.SpriteRuntimeObjectFlorian Rivalbe66e670
2016-12-25 21:40Prevent long lags/freezes in code generated for GDJS games (especially on Android) This is done by generating every events list code in separate functions, reducing the stress on garbage collectors of JS engines.Florian Rivalee9a3d18
2016-12-25 17:58Avoid unncessary copy of objects lists for last event of events listsFlorian Rivala81170d9
2016-12-31 17:38Fix SFML patch for OS XFlorian Rival4825313b